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Need Help Clearing Your Criminal Record?

Expungement Services

One of the worst consequences of a criminal conviction is the creation of a permanent record. A criminal record can affect your ability to get or keep your job, vote, and to rent or buy a house. A criminal record even affect your personal relationships with others and your ability to find a spouse. However there is good news, recent changes to the Expunction laws are allowing persons who would otherwise never qualify for an expungement to receive one now. Expungement sometimes called an expunction, involves petitioning the court system to have a criminal record removed from public view.


Generally, expunctions are going to fall into one of these categories:


  • Felony first offenses more than 10 years ago.

  • Misdemeanor first offenses more than 5 years ago.

  • First offenses committed before the individual turned 18/22 years old.

  • Charges that were dismissed or the individual was found not guilty.


However, there are several limitations.


  • Certain high-level Felonies are NOT eligible.

  • Convictions that involve crimes of violence are NOT eligible (Assaults of any kind). 

  • DWI Convictions can NOT be expunged.

  • Prior convictions will generally (but not always) prevent eligibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer?
    Some individuals choose not to hire an attorney because they do not understand the benefits of having legal representation. If you pay a ticket as it stands, you are pleading guilty to the original charge. In North Carolina, pleading guilty to a traffic ticket either in- state or out of state can cause serious negative consequenses. These Depending on the traffic offense and your driving history, Pleading guilty could cause an increase in your insurance premiums for a 3 year period, points on your license, and in some cases a suspension of your driver license. For some serious traffic matters the individual might pay a higher fee that could have been reduced or eliminated. The costs associated with hiring an attorney and any potential court costs are usually still cheaper than the overall long term costs of pleading guilty to a traffic ticket. Your attorney will usually attend court for you so that you do not have to appear. They will work to get traffic violations dismissed or reduced to a lessor offense. This service helps you to save money on your auto insurance premiums, reduces points, sometimes reduces your court fines and can avoid license suspensions. It is important to remember that the officer and other court officials such as the District Attorney (D.A) are not able to give you proper legal advice as to how a violation could affect you. They do not have access to your full DMV driving history to determine if you have other traffic matters on your record that will cause suspensions or increases in your insurance. Unless you are experience in knowing all NC traffic laws and rules, it is best not to represent yourself in court. The only person that can give you proper legal advice about your matter is your attorney.
  • Do I Have to Appear in Court For My Traffic Ticket?
    No, you do not have to appear in court unless otherwise notified by our office. Included in our traffic package is a waiver of appearance form that excludes you from having to attend court. You will only need to appear in court, if your case is moved to a trial court room.
  • What Are Court Costs and How Much Will I Owe?
    Court costs are fees set by the state of North Carolina for certain traffic violations and plea reductions. It is important to note that these costs are seperate from any Attorney or Firm's fee to represent you. Our office strives to keep our fees low and affordable to offset the overall cost of hiring an attorney to fight your traffic ticket. Most court costs range between $100 - $290. If your traffic ticket is reduced to a lessor offense, you would NOT pay the fine listed on the original ticket. The original ticket cost will be replaced with the new case reduction cost. For some cases the final court fee may be higher than the fine listed on the original ticket. The higher court fines are associated with the better court reductions, such as Improper Equipment, which does not carry any license or insurance points. Only certain traffic cases are eligible for certain case reductions and therefore court costs can vary. Your court costs typically do NOT have to be paid right away. You are usually given up to 40 days after the conclusion of your case to make payment to the county. Upon request, our office may request an extension of the court cost payment, if needed. At the conclusion of your case, our staff will provide you with specific instructions on how to make your court payment. Individuals that have an extreme financial hardship may be eligible for a reduction in the County's court fees. However, a reduction of your fines is NOT guaranteed and has to be approved by a District Court Judge. The court also requires documentation of the financial hardship and/ or 24 hours of community service in order to reduce the court fees.
  • How Do I Pay My Court Costs?
    At the conclusion of your case, our office will notify you by email with the amount of court costs you owe and instructions on how to pay them. All court costs are paid directly to the Clerk of Court, in the county in which you recieved your citation. Some counties allow their fees to be paid online through the North Carolina court website, while other counties require you to mail or pay in person. Please contact our office if you have any additional questions or concerns about your court cost payment.
  • What if I Forget To Pay My Court Costs?
    It is impairative that you pay court costs on time. Failure to do so could result in late fees, fines, a suspension of your license or in some situations a warrant for your arrest. Contact our office right away if you believe you have missed the due date for your court cost payment. Our office may be able to take the steps needed to ammend your situation.
  • What is a "Failure to Appear" or FTA?"
    It is important that you do not pay any FTA fines without consulting with an attorney first. Having a failure to appear could mean several things. In most cases it means that you did not appear in court on your scheduled court date. However, sometimes an FTA is issued when a client fails to pay their court costs by the due date. If you recieved a FTA on a traffic violation, contact our office to discuss options available to you. Our office may be able to save you money by reducing or eliminating FTA fines. In most cases we can request that a judge remove a failure to appear from your record. This service will also resolve the suspension on your license that is associated with that citation.
  • What if I Have a "Commercial Drivers License" or CDL?"
    Our office is experienced with the implications involving CDL drivers and the types of reductions they must obtain. Many CDL drivers are at risk of loosing their job or license if they plead guitly to a particular traffic violation. Contact our office today to discuss your traffic matter and options that are available to you as a CDL driver.
  • How Do I Get My License Back if it is Suspended or Revoked?
    There are various reasons in which a person's license could be revoked or suspened. For most individuals it is due to traffic violations or the non-payment of court costs. Our office charges a nominal fee to pull your North Carolina driving record to determine what is needed to restore your NC driving privileges. Please note that without a driving record we cannot provide the most accurate information as to the steps needed and costs invovled to restore your license. It is extremley important that you consult an experienced traffic attorney before paying any outstanding court fines or tickets. Outstanding traffic citations must be handled in the appropriate order to reduce or eliminate any negative consequences. Our License Restoration services may be able to save you further supension of your license and money in court costs or fines. Some clients may also need a DMV hearing or be will be eligible for a limited driving privilege.
5 star google reviews
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